REPORT: We’ve Had The Force Awakens Content On The Disney Infinity Game Disc All Along


The much anticipated Disney Infinity Force Awakens Play Set comes out on Friday along side the release of the film. And as many Disney fans know, retailers are the worst at keeping things locked until the release date. So what was Disney Infinity to do to keep the Star Wars lawyers happy, and to not ruin the film for the millions of adoring fans?

Lock it down.

We’ve heard for a while that there would be a patch coming bringing the Force Awakens content to the Disney Infinity game. Thus allowing Disney to keep the content in a safe location. But what about those who don’t have an internet connection, or at least not a stable one to download all the content. Disney doesn’t have any disclaimer anywhere saying you need an internet connection on the box or any materials on the Force Awakens packaging (unlike LEGO dimensions that has it right on the box). Nor does it list it anywhere on the website the need for an update.

Curiously the Marvel Battlegrounds does show that you need an internet connection in order to play that play set, as there is little to none of that content on the disc at launch.

Which has lead me believe for a while… we already have that content on the disc.

That was confirmed recently when BlackWidow over at DisneyInfinityFans who was able to get the Play Set early.

As I’ve shared in the past, if you put any Force Awakens content (figures, power discs, or play set), you’ll be greeted by a message saying it’s unable to be played until Friday.

But what if you disconnect from the internet and change your system date?

You’ll be greeted with a new message that tells you to head to the website

On that website you’ll see the above message…

“ACTIVATION CODE — Sorry, but the Disney Infinity ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Play Set will not be available until December 18, 2015. Please activate your Play Set on December 18th, 2015 by connecting your console to the Internet, or by returning to this Disney Infinity webpage.”

So if you are connected to the internet, at some point on Friday, Disney will flip the switch and you can play the Play Set. But if you aren’t connected to the internet, Disney will provide a code (it seems like it will just be a generic code like ‘INFINITYSTARWARS’ or something) that will unlock the Play Set for you.

Now, have fun sleeping knowing the content is already on that disc. But I guarantee it’s encrypted beyond belief. So no-one has discovered it yet, and doubt any one will before Friday comes.

Has United Front Games been working on stuff after the game was finalized and shipped? Oh absolutely. So getting connected to the internet and downloading the patch(es) will definitely get you a better experience.

Also, how great would it have been if Disney did this since Day 1? Who cares about retailers putting stuff out early then? Disney will eventually (in my opinion) move to a point where a lot of it will be Internet Required content (like the Marvel Battlegrounds). But if they don’t, this is still a great method to use for future releases.

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  • InfinityUp

    I saw the playset in a store and my friend was able to get it (I’m getting it as a christmas present, so I don’t have it myself yet) and the unlock URL was also on the box, I was wondering what it was for…

  • Zulithe

    Honestly, this sucks. Because I was hoping the new playset would have music from the new film in it. If the content has been on the disc all along, then what music does it actually have?

    • Probably music from the film that just happens to be locked up…? It doesn’t change anything that its been in the disc all along, the music and film have been done for some time now.

      • Zulithe

        they finished scoring the film long after the game released. no telling what music is in this playset

  • Green Armadillo

    Interesting catch on the Marvel playset requiring an internet connection. That’s going to be fun for people who run websites that answer questions from confused customers. Non-gaming parents and extended family are totally going to be reading the fine print to closely enough to recognize that the base game will work on a never-online WiiU but that one playset will not. Would WiiU players also need to buy external storage to accommodate the size of the patch?

  • Mike Tuffley