GIVEAWAY: Win Disney Infinity Force Awakens Products (3 Seperate Giveaways!)


To celebrate the launch of Disney Infinity The Force Awakens content for Disney Infinity on the 18th, I want to give it all away!

In helping to get a couple of winners, I’m going to spread the prizes out so different people can win.

So here is how to enter to win the prizes….


Follow Infinity Inquirer on twitter (@InfinityInq) and RT the giveaway tweet!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.50.20 PM

Head to Infinity Inquirer’s facebook page and comment on the Giveaway Link/Photo with which of the four Force Awakens figure is your favorite and why.


There are two ways to enter win this prize. Enter either OR both ways for your chance to win!

  1. Follow me personally on twitter @JasonInquires and RT the giveaway tweet
  2. Leave a comment on this page saying which figure is your favorite and why


The giveaway ends on Wednesday, December 16th. That way I should have plenty of time (if you respond back to my message quick enough!) to get your shipping information so I can get it sent out to you to hopefully arrive on Friday or Saturday.

Due to the nature of the quick shipment I’m hoping to have for this prize, this contest is only open to residents in the U.S.

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  • Christopher Tracy

    Favorite Force Awakens character…hmmm. Hard to say since we know nothing about what they can do yet! 😉 But I’ll say Kylo Ren since the figure just looks super cool. Just wish they could have figured out how to make FX work with it.

  • Phoenix8387

    It’s got to be Kylo Ren for me. I just like the character, the posing and the sculpt more than the other characters.

  • JulieC

    I really love the Finn figure because the costume is so detailed!

  • Jamie Carbullido

    The finn figure has an awesome design

  • Erin MCkenzie Shatzer

    My favorite figure is rey. I love her design and I think they picked a good pose for her proudly holding her staff. The only thing is I would’ve loved to have had a bb8 by her feet to add more character! I know that’s wishful thinking but I already have an obsession with the little soccer ball droid!

  • Tim Milner

    Kylo Ren is awesome! He just exudes cool and evil at the same time!

  • James Bennett

    finn because i like the design.

  • George

    My favourite figure is Spot because I like the details on him. But I think Kylo Ren is cool too!

  • Brandon German

    My favorite figure from The Force Awakens is Poe Dameron. There is just something about the X-wing pilot suits (both Rebel and Resistance) that I find appealing.

  • Alex

    I really like the design of Poe Dameron. I mean, Kylo is cool too, but something about Poe just stands out more

  • Sasha Lang

    Kylo Ren for sure!!! He is pretty kick butt. 🙂

  • Chris

    Looking forward to Kylo Ren, mostly because I prefer the lightsaber characters.

  • Amber Benson

    I’m looking forward to Rey — seeing her in the movie and how she acts in the game!

  • FatmanOSU

    Kylo Ren is the most interesting until I see the movie.

  • baltiets

    My favorite figure is Rey. Shi is a strong female character,

  • Michael Condiracci

    My favorite character so far is Poe Dameron. He’s an X-Wing pilot committed to the Resistance (hope he’s good with flying vehicles ;-), and I love saying his name. “Poe-Dam-er-on”

  • crystal4cello

    Rey looks to be our favorite, so far. Such a strong female lead; we’re excited to see how she’ll contribute to the Star Wars saga.

  • Brock C.

    Kylo Ren because he looks awesome.

  • BowserJr.Dood

    Kylo Ren just looks awesome

  • Disney Infinity Forever!

    My favorite character is Finn. His figure is awesome, and the fact that he’s an ex-stormtrooper seems interesting to me.

  • Gosha Hilomen

    My fav is Kylo Ren. He looks like a crazy agile version of Vader. Also, his lightsaber is really awesome!

  • Kylo Ren. Darth Vader is my favorite character from the original trilogy so I’m drawn to Kylo Ren as well… plus he has a cool lightsaber grin emoticon

  • NinjaBoy787

    Kylo Ren by far. Sith lord basically confirms he’s going to be amazing.

  • Alan Farnsworth

    Bumber that these are only for those that use social media accounts.

  • James Chuang

    Rey. More female figures!

  • Trez

    Kylo Ren! I must know more about these knights of Ren!

  • TylerShea Armstrong

    Kylo Ren I must know more about these knights of Ren and him being a Sith lord basically confirms he’s going to be amazing plus he has a cool lightsaber.

  • rajee

    Kylo Ren is my fav because we love Darth Vader

  • rajee

    follow you on youtube and facebook

  • Darth_Raww

    Gotta go with Kylo Ren. Just wish he was part of the Light FX line…

  • Frank

    Kylo Ren! He does have a cool lightsaber, but I also really like how he’s been “Infinity-fied” to fit the Disney Infinity style. In the same way Darth Maul’s horn count had to be reduced to fit the appropriate styled sculpt for this game, Kylo Rens’s face plate has been modified to where it only has two visible silver accent lines around his eyes as opposed to the otherwise four silver lines that are seen in the trailers and other merchandise.

  • catskill_hiker

    Kylo Ren, he just looks awesome.

  • Heather Wes

    Very generous of you Jason! Thanks for the contest… some little boy is going to have an awesome Christmas!

  • Brian Downey

    Thank you for the giveaway! Just like in my FB comment, I love Kylo Ren because of that awesome crossguard on his lightsaber! 😀

  • Matrix

    I like Kylo Ren because of his awsome lightsaber and he looks really cool in the suit he is wearing.

  • G.C. Punk

    I like Poe the best. Rebel Pilots rock!!!

  • Cathleen King

    Kylo Ren because he looks cool.

  • Tweety

    Kylo Ren because he looks awesome!

  • Nick James

    Kylo Ren because he just looks the coolest.

  • Austin Rowley

    I have to go with Kylo Ren for sure, so interested in the lightsaber he holds.

  • carnold

    Kylo Ren, but I would be happy with any of them! Thanks Jason!

  • Shawna

    Kylo Ren is my favorite because he’s my son’s favorite and the most complex and intriguing character of the movie!

  • Trish Williams

    Rey, Girl Power! Need more chicks that can kick butt!

  • Jeremy Hirschkorn

    Out of the figure that are being released first, I would have to say Rey. Being a scavenger and surviving off battle wreckage shows she is inventive. I can not way to see that staff of hers in action.

  • Anthony Paldino

    Kylo Ren is my favorite new character not just for the movie, but cannot wait to play as him on Disney Infinity 3.0! His lightsaber is looks awesome!

  • Joey Cardenas

    Rey is honestly so awesome and fierce I love her!

  • rsk

    Rey because is the next generation of jedi

  • Gil Mancha

    Pre-movie/playset my favorite is Fin based on the Force Awakens trailer where he he’s holding his lightsaber in a baseball stance as if to say “I really hope this works”

  • Chris Judge

    Kylo Ren is so sick. But Rey in the trailers seems great.

  • ZionSully

    Kylo Ren is my favorite because he is a bad guy lol. However, perhaps after seeing the movie I will love one the others more.

  • Jason Montgomery

    Kylo Ren is my favorite cause Lightsaber.

  • Victor Galbraith

    Kylo Ren, Is just cool!

  • Cyrus Benjamin

    Kylo Ren, because he looks legit and is probably someone we know hiding under there.

  • Eearles

    Kylo Ren is our favorite. My 4 yr old son and 9 year old nephew dressed up as him for Halloween. “He is so cool” they said.

  • Travis Weaver

    Kylo Ren by far! He looks like an awesome character for the film and an awesome figure!

  • Miguel Lugo

    I think I missed the deadline but Poe