POLL: Who Do You Think Will Take Away The Awards In Tonight’s ‘The Game Awards’?


Tonight marks the second year of ‘The Game Awards’ (formally known as the VGAs).  I truly think this sort of event is of huge importance for the industry, both now and for it to thrive in the future.

The program will air live from LA tonight at 9:00 PM ET, and can be streamed on pretty much any device you could wish to stream it from.

To celebrate the event, I wanted to see who the readers of the various ‘Jason Inquires’ and Toys For Games community members thought the winners for each category will be.

So I made up this poll you see at the bottom, simply vote for who you would vote for and also who you think will win!

I’ll be collaborating all the results and be live tweeting them alongside the show tonight from my personal account @JasonInquires. So be sure to follow along as I look forward to interacting with all of you during the show.

Here is the poll to fill out, be sure to scroll down! You can also head to the form directly by heading over to this link at Google Forms.