OFFICIAL: ‘Black Suit’ Spider-Man To Be Released Outside The Disney Infinity Vita Starter Pack


On Monday night’s special Toy Box TV Live to celebrate the release of the new Disney Infinity figures, John Vignocchi finally made it official…. The Black Suit Spiderman (or more formally known as the Symbiote Spider-Man) will be released outside of the Disney Infinity Vita Starter Pack.

At this time there is no clear indication of when or how the figure will be released. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they even tucked him in the Play Set with the new Captain America: First Avenger figure.

Though, I think Disney will ultimately release him just as a special single figure release. It’d be a shame if they did so otherwise.

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  • Argonzo

    I hope they don’t waste (in my opinion) one of the playset spots on another previously released character.

  • J S

    I’m hoping they don’t wait for a set to put it in and waste a spot. He’s already listed in the figures and the new Cap hasn’t shown yet. My guess would be a Jan/Feb release. Heavy Star Wars now with a few Marvel, then after the movie hits heavy Marvel leading up to Civil War with a few more Star Wars released. Handful of Disney and Pixar for good measure.

    Then onto 4.0.

    • Have they acknowledged 4.0? I thought I heard/read that they planned to stay with 3.0 for a while.

      • Wynne Richport

        They said 4.0 would probably be 2017 since they’d want to do it every other year.

        • J S

          Source? Hadn’t heard that, because it would probably be early 2017 and hard to think Infinity won’t cash in on a holiday season. It’s a business, In an article online John V was discussing “Peter Pan coming out and forecast is around Q2 2016 toward the end of 3.0’s life cycle”.

          Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty left in 3.0 to come from what has been announced and what has been hinted but there are also only so many updates they want to do without putting an new improved product out for sale.

          • I just think they’ll wait for quadrupeds to be worked out as the big draw to 4.0 and based on interviews, they aren’t there yet.

      • J S

        Sort of. Read a while back the powers that be planned on it being an annual event for the foreseeable future. But we all know plans change…

  • Theodore Homdrom

    Hope he’s a single character, and the Marvel Battlegrounds Playset is only brand new characters (still hoping it’s a 4-character pack of new Cap, Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, and Vision)

    • bell02alpha

      If it were a four pack that would be really cool! I wouldn’t mind paying extra, Battlegrounds is one of the few Playsets that I want to play for just the playset itself!

      • Theodore Homdrom

        Yeah! I think the fact that it is four-player local play makes it very likely it’ll have four characters packed in, and I think a lot of people would like it that way too. It’s a 3.0 Marvel playset, there are going to be plenty of people with 3.0 who didn’t get 2.0 (and so don’t have very many, if any, of the superhero characters)

    • Grant McCollister

      I’ve been thinking it’d come with four figures ever since they announced it’s four player. And I hope they make a Coulson figure!!

  • bell02alpha

    That would be a serious shame to have the Battlegrounds playset feature both Captain America and Black Suit Spider-Man in the Starter Pack! Not only would Vita owning Infinity Fans will have the figure twice (Because obviously they will probably have PS4s or PS3s), but the rest of us would be forced to buy repeat character figures! (Since I assume most Marvel fans bought the Spiderman Playset if only just because Spiderman and Nova are both pretty popular characters)