Disney Infinity ‘Light FX’ Figures Are Permanent Retail Exclusives, Will Be Available In Other Territories

Happy to share some more Light FX figure information! As I have previously reported a couple of times, it’s now finally confirmed. The six Disney Infinity Light FX figures will be permanent retail exclusives here in North America, which makes both financial and logistical sense for both Disney and retailers.

Here is what Jameson Wang, Director of Retail Operations and Finance for Disney Infinity, had to say over the weekend…

For all those who live internationally, can confirm that these will be released in other territories as well (UK and Australia at least, but I’m sure other places as well).

Again, as I shared with you first previously, we have two of the figures confirmed…

No in-store pre-orders are available yet at this time for any of these figures (if there even will be). I’d expect all the figures to land on December 1st, here in North America.

For Canadian fans, no word yet on how the Yoda figure will be released in your country. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Jeremy Umiah who alerted me this morning!



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