More Looks At The New Disney Infinity 3.0 Accessories from Power A (Pre-Orders Live!)


Just wanted to share a quick update regarding the new Disney Infinity accessories that will be coming from Power A next month.

Right now it looks like we are getting at least 3 new accessories

  • Disney Infinity Display Globe
  • Disney Infinity Hall of Heroes Case
  • Disney Infinity Official Power Disc Wallet


The Disney Infinity Display Globe (or Disney Infinity Figure Globe) is set for release sometime in November for $14.99 and has the two following descriptions…

  • Official Disney Infinity Licensed Product
  • Fits all Disney Infinity figures
  • Standing Globe or hanging ornament display style
  • Easy to insert and remove figures

Showcase your favorite Disney Infinity characters with this officially licensed Figure globe. Standing 8″ tall and 5.5″ diameter, this globe is designed to hold any one of the Disney Infinity figures. The clear polycarbonate casing provides maximum protection and stylish organization of your cherished figures. With 4-padded feet on the base, you can display your figures as a standing globe or, by using the Infinity shaped hanging-clip you can show-off your figures like a hanging ornament. The snap-apart globe also allows easy access to figures to quickly get you back in the game.

Available for pre-order at Amazon (US) or Amazon (UK)



The Disney Infinity Hall of Heroes case is also set for release in November and is described as the following…

  • Organiser and Carry Case for Disney Infinity Figures
  • Transparent design for quick viewing and display
  • Includes sturdy carrying handle and shoulder strap
  • Holds up to 6 Disney Infinity figures
  • Official Disney Infinity Licensed accessory

Unfortunately no US retailers have it up for pre-order yet, so no solid information or price is available.

It is however, available for pre-order at Amazon UK



The Power Disc Wallet should be available in early November, for a price point of $11.99

  • Holds 12 Disney Infinity Game Discs
  • Features Classic Star Wars Characters
  • Custom Infinity Zipper Pull

The Force will be with you with these Disney Infinity Disk Wallets. Each wallet securely holds up to 12 game disks with wrap around zippers featuring custom Disney Infinity pull fobs.  Two styles to collect featuring classic Star Wars characters. The rebel themed one feature Chewier, Han and Princess Leia.  The Skywalker themed one features Luke Darth Vader and Leia.   Safely carry your Infinity game disks everywhere in style by using the built-in carrying clip.

You can pre-order it now at Amazon (US) or Amazon (UK)

One of my followers on twitter even found these at Toys ‘R’ Us already!


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Don’t forget to come hang out and discuss all things Disney Infinity with thousands of other Disney Infinity Fans at!

Be sure to check out my weekly podcast, The Toys For Games ‘Cast. Talk all things in ‘Toys To Life’ genre!

  • CallistoEx

    I was right, they were aiming it to be used as an ornament style gift to put on a tree!
    Definitely weird, but it fits the season. Would like some real storage solutions though. Who seriously uses those weird bulky, clunky, carrying cases.

    We’ve seen some strange ones in this whole toys to life adventure, but why hasn’t anyone made some kind of official storage cube, or shelf. I’m currently using a snapware Christmas storage ornament box, and it’s been the best product I’ve found for storage that also lets you separate characters.

  • TheEAB

    I don’t need a 30$+ bag to carry my figures, I can put them in a bag I already own if I need to carry ’em.

  • Nick

    I’ll buy one globe, just for Hulkbuster though. I think it will look pretty good lol

  • Wynne Richport

    Globes? Massive globes? LOL Can someone just send me an online link to those Ikea shelves Toy Box TV bought?