REPORT: Yoda ‘Light FX’ Disney Infinity Figure Coming 12/1


Target looks to have accidently let slip some new details about the Light FX figures for Disney Infinity 3.0.

In their ‘Top Toy List’, Target lists the Light FX Yoda as available on 12/1.

Price is, as reported previously, just $1 more at $14.99

Some interesting things to note. First off, the listing says ‘exclusive light up Yoda’. At first that seems to imply that it will be a Target exclusive, but that may not true. Two other items on the list are exclusive and are worded as “Target Exclusive” and bold in red. So perhaps they are just saying that this figure is the one that ‘exclusively’ glows, unlike your standard Yoda?

In addition, that box art is not the final box art. Obviously it’s the exact same as the ‘standard’ figure. Still curious to see what the figure boxes will end up looking like.

I’m still excited about these figures, and I know many of you are as well!


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