Disney Infinity 3.0 Announced For Apple TV

picture via @AppleMaracaibo

UPDATE #2: Some other information has been revealed thanks to a Wall Street Journal report

A spokesman for Disney said the Apple TV version of Infinity will include Bluetooth technology for reading the toy figurines that work with the game. While the game will be compatible with the new Apple TV controller, Disney plans to include a special controller. He declined to provide details about the controller, or whether it would add to the cost of the game, which is also unknown. The typical starter pack for the major consoles costs about $65.

UPDATE: Here is the official blurb from John Vignocchi himself:

John Vignocchi here with a quick update on an announcement you might have heard about earlier today…

I’m happy to share that the full Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition console experience will be available on the new Apple TV later this year. The game will be available through a special Apple TV starter pack, with a similar configuration to the one offered for consoles, including the Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano figures, and a new wireless Disney Infinity 3.0 bluetooth base!  We’ll have additional details on this starter pack to share soon.

We are honored to have worked closely with Apple over the past few months to deliver a console–quality experience for this exciting new device. We can’t wait for fans — old and new — to give it a try when it releases later this year.



Among their many announcements today, Apple also announced that Disney Infinity 3.0 will be coming to their new Apple TV platform.

And that’s all we know at this point.

From the image above, you can see that it has play set support, not just a toy box mode. So more than likely it will be similar to the PC and other digital options.

Could there actually be base support? Absolutely. But so far they haven’t hinted at the possibility.

How do you play? Don’t worry, I don’t think they’re going to make you play with that little remote. The Apple TV does have gamepad support, but they didn’t talk about that information either.

Polygon spotted the information during their demo of the device for a fellow Apple TV game.

transistor-controller.0.0Disney is expected to talk more about the Apple TV edition soon.


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