Disney Infinity 3.0 Digital Edition for Wii U & Playstation Will Be Priced At $19.99 For Limited Time


Similar to last year, both the Playstation 3/4 and Wii U digital editions of Disney Infinity 3.0 will be available for an introductory price of $19.99.

The regular price is $29.99, but both system vendors are cutting the cost to bring it down to benefit early adopters. (Though remember, the Playstation digital edition is not releasing until August 31st)

Xbox 360 and Xbox One digital editions will be sold at the regular price at $29.99, as Microsoft looks to have not signed on to take part in the promotion.

Don’t feel too rushed, as the price looks to be valid the whole way into mid-January.

Other interesting note: the Wii U edition weights in 11.8 GB

Thanks to friend of the site Gerardo Gutierrez for the Wii U screenshot!

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