First Two Figures From Star Wars Episode 7 Announced For Disney Infinity 3.0, Play Set Coming December 18th?

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Disney Infinity announced at D23 Expo 2015 the first two figures for Disney Infinity 3.0 from Star Wars Episode 7: Finn and Rey.

To make the announcement even more special, Disney brought out the two actors, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, who depict these characters in the film. At the end of the presentation, the two actors went out and gave the figures to two random kids who attended the presentation. A pretty cool giveaway, even though the figures are non-functioning… so don’t expect any game play videos soon!

Image via GettyImages
Image via Getty Images

No details are known about the play set, but we do know that Disney Infinity 3.0 is the only way to experience the events of the film on a console game. So Disney Infinity 3.0 is taking the responsibility very seriously.

John Blackburn did state at the end of the Press Event at D23 that the play set “isn’t coming out until December 18th with the film”. But Blackburn did give this interesting quote to the AP.

“We don’t want to show too much because you need to first see the film,” said Blackburn. “The first time you see these characters should not be in our game. That’s just a baseline belief because we’re taking it and putting it through a different lens. The palette we had to choose from was basically of things that people had already seen.”

In my opinion if the Play Set really is a close match to the movie, it may be hard to show off much without spoiling the film.

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