What To Expect At The Disney Infinity 3.0 D23 Panel On Sunday

ToyBoxUnveilThe Disney Infinity 3.0 D23 2015 Panel has obviously been the event we have been looking forward to the most, and it’s shaping up to be worth the hype.

First off, Disney Infinity is set to reveal three new Disney Infinity 3.0 figures (maybe more, maybe less?). No leaks or hints at to what it could be… so the possibilities are indeed endless!

Secondly, Disney Infinity will show a ‘sneak peak‘ at the ultimate unlock for Disney Infinity 3.0. That is what you get when you purchase all the figures and have placed them all on the base at some point. In 1.0 we had the Lightsaber, in 2.0 we had Luke’s Landspeeder… 3.0? Who knows! — I’ve always pushed for Indiana Jones Whip, but no basis for that speculation.

Third, the Toy Box Artists got together as part of their advisory board with the executive team of Disney Infinity on Thursday and selected the first ever Toy Box Artist Pick Custom Character. The pick will be announced on Sunday morning. Although they didn’t confirm it completely, I’d expect this to be a figure for 4.0. We’re too late in the process to add a new character from scratch.

Finally, the giveaway. D23 Panel attendees are promised to receive an exclusive gift that will never be sold at stores. Always a desire to be a figure, but hints in the past couple of days are pushing from the figure release. So I’d say it’s a safe bet at this point that it will NOT be a special figure. There has been some hype on twitter, even from Stitch Kingdom who heard from sources that it is ‘amazing’. So we shall see!

The event is NOT scheduled to be live streamed, but I am planning on perriscoping it for you all to watch live. So stay tuned to my twitter feed @InfinityInq for the link! The event is at 11AM PT on Sunday.

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