Gamescom Is Next Week: When To Expect Disney Infinity News?

Gamescom 2015 is next week, and we already know that Disney Infinity will be announcing… something. What that is? Who knows! But we do know John Vignocchi will be there.

So when can we expect the announcement? Here is what happened last year.

At Gamescom 2014, Disney Infinity announced the Donald Duck figure the day before the conference officially began at 6AM ET, with the trailer publishing at 8AM ET.

So IF  they would follow the same concept, we should expect the announcement on Tuesday, August 4th. The press is allowed to attend on Wednesday, August 5th, with the public allowed to attend starting on Thursday.

More than likely I feel like it will be a figure announcement (maybe the long awaited Ant-man confirmation?). But again, I’m a fan of announcing stuff the day before an expo starts to build up hype. Since the expo is crazy enough as it is.

But no matter what, I’d expect an announcement on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I’m sure whatever they are announcing they will have on hand at the event.


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