Disney Infinity 3.0 Digital Edition To Cost $30 (But Look Out For Promos)

103926-hiFor those interested in the Disney Infinity 3.0 digital edition, it will be priced at $29.99 as expected.

But be sure to be on the “look out for promos” to lower the cost or give you extra incentive.

Last year Disney brought down the price for $19.99 for select systems and gave out free toy box game discs as part of a promotion, it is unclear what promotions 3.0 will have.

Jameson Wang, Director of Retail Operations and Finance for Disney Infinity, announced the news last week on twitter, but I just caught wind of it today.

So $30 + $34.99 for the Play Set, brings you to the regular price of a Starter Pack.

Obviously you will be able to get the Play Set on sale somewhere, but if you pre-order the Starter Pack you get the Toy Box Takeover for free ($19.99) and earlier than it is available for purchase.

I still think it’s a better deal to pre-order the Starter Pack.

Unless you only want to go digital, or you just can’t deal with another base.

Go Starter Pack.

Special thanks to the crew over at DisneyInfinityFans for re-bringing it back up as I somehow missed it last week!


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