Disney Infinity Confirms Retail Exclusives — Here Is What We Know

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Retail exclusives are officially coming to Disney Infinity once again, but thankfully it won’t be as bad as many may ‘fear’ (pun absolutely intended).

Disney Infinity is giving various retailers the ability to have figures available exclusively to them for a limited time. How limited is that time period going to be? We’re still not sure about that.

First let’s get to the figures

Timed Exclusive Figures

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So How Long Will The Exclusive Be?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘set’ date yet for when exclusivity will end… but they will end!

They have publicly said you will be able to purchase all 6 of these figures everywhere later this fall. So it sounds like to me that it will be a relatively short exclusive between 1-2 months, just like saw with Disney Infinity 1.0.

Why Are They Doing Exclusives Again?

Whether you like retail exclusives as a consumer or not, they’re good for the brand and for business.

The retails will pay a certain amount of money to choose to get the figure exclusively, thus giving Disney Infinity an extra source of income. Those retailers are going to more likely advertise that exclusivity. So you will see more ads for Disney Infinity in the weekly circular, website, etc. as they want to make sure their well spent money is put to good use.

At the end of the day, Disney Infinity essentially is getting more marketing. And that’s a good thing for fans of the game to make sure Disney Infinity continues to grow against the competition.

You may have heard in the latest twitch stream that they said this gives the consumer to get these figures early as otherwise they’d release at a later date. Maybe that’s true for the Star Wars Rebels figures, but Mulan? and Fear? Please.

It’s about money, and that’s completely fine by me. but obviously, they’re not going to state that publicly.


Personally, I love the concept of retail exclusives, as long as they stay fully stocked (I know many of you have bad taste in your mouth from the amiibo situation, but that’s a separate issue entirely).

I enjoy the hunt, and gets me to visit stores that I wouldn’t typically go to for my Disney Infinity needs, but I also know some of you don’t have that luxury. hopefully at least you can at least be okay with it, knowing that is helping the Disney Infinity brand.

And thankfully they will all be available online as well!


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