Disney Infinity Is Back In The Store Exclusive Game — Zeb & Possibly 3 More Are Tied To Specific Retailers

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Disney Infinity has officially entered the store exclusives game.

GameStop has listed ‘Zeb’ as an exclusive to their stores. So if you are looking to pick up Zeb, you will only be able to get him at GameStop.

It is unclear at this time if this is a permanent exclusivity, or just a timed exclusivity like Disney Infinity figures had in 1.0.

But is GameStop the only retailer? It appears not.

Best Buy confirmed today that Mulan will be exclusive to them.

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Target may also have an exclusive figure as the only figure they currently have up for pre-order is Sabine Wren, which no-one else has up yet. But again, that’s too little evidence to say she’s exclusive. Though it is definitely something to keep your eye out on.

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Now is there a fourth one in the works? Perhaps!

If you saw my previous post, you’ll notice that Amazon has an exclusive Toy Bundle that includes the Inside Out Playset and the three remaining emotions. What was interesting about that bundle is that it is priced well more than what it should. $90.99 for something that should cost $76.96?

First off, it does look like Fear will be an exclusive to Amazon

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But what if you factor in one additional figure to it’s cost… that brings it up to $90.95.

So is another figure going to be in that bundle at Amazon? Well there is a certain other character that would make PERFECT sense.

What if… Bing Bong was a last-minute surprise release?

Definitely a huge wish at this point, but I am curious about that Amazon bundle.



Now some other figures like the remaining three rebels, and the Rise Against The Empire figures aren’t listed anywhere either. But those sets I don’t expect at launch, so not shocked to see them missing from the pre-orders.

But don’t worry, Disney Infinity figures will never be amiibo figures. You will be able to pick them up in plenty at your local retailer who has the exclusive.


As spotted by my facebook follower, Mike, Kanan will be an exclusive at Walmart as well



Huge shoutout to my Toys For Games ‘Cast co-host Josh who theorized this theory with me on this week’s special E3 episode.


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