Inside Out Figure Prototypes, Hidden Feature In The Bases, And More Tidbits


After the initial reveal of the Inside Out Play Set earlier today, we also learned some new interesting tidbits regarding the figures and game as well.

First up, as you can see in the image above and the gallery below. The folks over at Worthplaying got to see the blank/prototype figures for the Inside Out figures for Disney Infinity. I enjoy seeing the behind the scenes work on these figures. With nothing but gray, it helps a lot to see the detail that is involved with the figures.

In addition, we also got a chance to see the physical packaging of the Inside Out play set thanks to Worthplaying as well as the official press image of the package thanks to our friends over at @RangerCrew.

The great hands-on video of the figures from FamilyGamerTV also gave us two really interesting tidbits.

First off, Lewis Black is providing the voice over for the Anger character in the game, reprising his role as the character in the film.

Also in the video with John Vignocchi, he showed that the figures have a little hole beneath their memory orb that allows the orb to be lit up when the figure is on the base. This is a wonderful little touch to add some extra quality to the already awesome figures

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.00.50 PMBe sure to watch the whole video to see some great on-hand demonstration with the figures.

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  • Gerardo Gutierrez

    Lewis Black voices ANGER not fear. Fear is Bill Hader.

  • Gearhardt

    It would be great if the lightsabers of the Star Wars figures had some way to light up too. Like a optical fiber running up the inside of them.

    • Ray F

      That would be totally awesome, but probably a bit expensive on the product side.

  • legobatman3609

    Glad that this playset + Figures will come out on launch! 🙂 Glad they realized that people didn’t like how Marvel came before Disney, so they just made Star wars come with Disney in launch. So that’s pretty cool! 🙂

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Or that people like a nice range of characters from the start. I love Marvel but still wanted the Disney characters to be available sooner because I also love those characters.

  • Alz3abi

    I love SADNESS she is so cute


    That’s pretty cool. I agree with Gearhardt, I wish they would find a way to make the lightsabers light up.

  • PlayDoh003

    I really like the concept behind swapping figures to progress through the plates, not to mention the 2D platforming. I truly hope the execution is as good as the ideas sound.