REPORT: Four Star Wars Rebels Figures Leak For Disney Infinity 3.0


Disney Infinity has once again been affected by a retailer leak, in fact the same retailer that leaked Disney Infinity 3.0.

According to two different German retailers, we are getting four new figures from the Star Wars Rebels universe.

  • Ezra Bridger
  • Kanan Jarrus
  • Zeb Orrelios
  • Sabine Wren

None of these come as a huge shock as everyone expected Star Wars Rebels to play a big role in the game. Interestingly, they are all listed as single figures.

HUGE thanks to eydrian over at who first spotted the leak!

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  • Caitlin

    The same retailer?
    I know someone who won’t be getting to know about new products until they’ve been fully announced in future.
    Clear breach of the T&Cs

    • David Moffatt

      I really wanted Hera too!

    • aquapyro

      I think we could get the 5 specters since you can’t have Kanan without Hera. They’re a power couple. And 2.0 got flack for few female characters.

  • legobatman3609

    All I see is 3 generic Jedis, and an alien who are all unrecognizable.

    • aquapyro

      except only 2 are Jedi, Kanan was considered by George Lucas, and Zeb was the original design of Chewbacca,

  • Green Armadillo

    According to a DI press release published by DISKingdom, the Clone Wars playset in the starter is one of three playsets for Star Wars and specifically states that two more playsets are coming. I.e. if it’s exactly two more then there is no unannounced Rebels playset.

    In practical terms, having a dedicated playset for Rebels is less of a priority now that they’re breaking down the walls – presumably, these four are covered by the policy that all SW characters will be able to crossover coin into all playsets.

  • Cellsai

    Where’s Hera?! ;_; She’s the bessst

    • Hopeless

      She better be

      • ElementaB

        That’s what they have been doing so far, one male and one female character. If Sabine is separate then who could be in the playset?

        • SketchFox7

          Maybe Hera & the Inquisitor?

          • ElementaB

            If it is 6 per series then perfect.

          • SketchFox7

            Don’t we only know of 5 each so far though?
            OT- Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie & Vader
            PT- Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi Wan, Yoda & Maul

            Personally I think Boba Fett & Mace Windu/General Greivous will round those out.

          • ElementaB

            Big teases from JV about Boba, In an interview he really dodged the question. In recent artwork he is prominently featured. And on the Power Disc it looks way too much like a figure as it has a lot of work put into it. Last year we saw villains in toyboxes come later so Grevious or Cad bane make a lot of sense as they are in the game and have detailed character models I would say it works. Grevous probably sttands a better chance because I mean come on, FOUR FREAKING SABERS! No one else has that and so far every Jedi/Sith is a different style

          • SketchFox7

            We all pretty much knew Boba was coming, lol, I need to get current on my 3.0 news! And I could see both Mace & Greivous, since PT is the starter set and Avengers last time had the most characters. Plus GotG & Avengers both got a villain & an ally.

          • ElementaB

            I don’t see Mace Windu if he is a power disc. Yondu last year was bad enough.

          • SketchFox7

            Yondu is the reason I could still see Mace Windu getting a figure, lol

          • ElementaB

            Guess we shall see, for E3

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Hopefully she’ll be there, it would be odd not to include her considering she’s a Twilek which are an iconic race in Star Wars so even non-Rebels fans would have a reason to buy her. I’ve seen people suggest she might be sold with a playset.

  • ElementaB

    Called it!

  • Caitlin

    I’m guessing Hera and the inquisitor will be announced at a later date

  • GregorTheClone

    Olders Ahsoka & Rex please 😀

  • Matthew Fieldhouse

    It is strange to not get Hera and to then get five figures without a play set piece. I think that its a mistake on the retailer, they learnt that these characters are coming and assumed they are in single packs. Who would be in the play set with Hera though? I would have thought Erza and Hera would be in the play set because he is the main character, the relatable rogue and she is the main female.