Marvel Figures From 2.0 To Be Playable In Disney Infinity 3.0 Playset, & More Info From


Sheriff Woody, forum administrator of  our partner, recently had the chance to sit down with John Vignocchi and John Blackburn to get some more fan questions asked.

Here are the two interviews…

The first interview is a Q&A with a larger range of journalists, while the second video was a more direct 1 on 1 (guess technically a 1 on 2).

In the second interview we got some really interesting tidbits…

  • Marvel figures from Disney Infinity 2.0 will be playable in the Marvel playset in Disney Infinity 3.0. What all figures will be playable?As of now, that remains a mystery, but this is very exciting news!
  • The Hall of Heroes in the Disney Originals side of Disney Infinity 2.0 was supposed to have something in the ‘secret room’, but was taken out at the last moment. The room was added in by Ninja Theory, but the easter egg, or whatever it was, was removed late in the development. Though the room was left in.
  • There is a ‘Glow Buzz Lightyear’ figure in prototype form, but the team has not been able to get it to a point where they are happy with it. Face a struggle with what paints they can use safely due to regulations with toys.

Really great interviews, and glad Sheriff had the chance to sit down with the team.

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