Four Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Gameplay Videos To Watch

0Disney Interactive hosted an event with some press in Europe yesterday and has allowed those to attend to upload some videos of the Toy Box part of the game for your viewing pleasure! So now we have four videos from this event for you to enjoy!

First up is a video uploaded by our partners over at DisneyInfinityFans! Sheriff Woody uploaded the following video:


a beta preview of the Halloween Town Highway Nightmare Before Christmas toy box speedway track with developer commentary. recorded at the Disney Infinity 3.0 london press briefing on 21 may 2015.

the person racing, not me i hasten to add, decided to try the 250cc version first without learning the track. when it was my turn, which isn’t recorded becuse i don’t have four hands, i used the 50cc version and found the handling to be a massively improved compared to Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0. Sumo Digital and all other teams involved can be very proud of what they have achieved.

Races listed in the demo were …

Agrabah Raceway, Aladin
Arandelle Racing Rink, Frozen
Dunes of Tatooine, Star Wars
Gravity Falls Mystery Tour, Gravity Falls
Halloween Town Highway, Nightmare Before Christmas
Monster Mayhem, Monsters Inc
Road to Knowhere, Guardians of the Galaxy
San Fransokyo Circuit, Big Hero 6
Sugar Rush Raceway, Wreck-It Ralph

The next three videos are all from Andy Robertson of FamilyGamerTV

We have a look at the Toy Box Raceway experience with Sean Millard from Sumo Digital. In the game we play two tracks and look through the different available levels:
Agrabah Raceway – Aladin
San Fransokyo Circuit – Big Hero 6
Arandelle Racing Rink – Frozen
Gravity Falls Mystery Tour
Road to Knowhere – Guardians of the Galaxy
Monster Mayhem – Monsters Inc
Halloween Town Highway – Nightmare Before Christmas
Dunes of Tatooine – Star Wars
Sugar Rush Raceway – Wreck It Ralph

We take a quick tour around the Toy Box hub from farming to platforming to action and tutorial, it’s all here.

The Toy Box this time around is made even easier to find the content you will enjoy. Like the Ewok village here for example for what can be made.

We also look at some Star Wars items, the Sand Crawler, Canteena, At-At, Jabbas Palace and even a fully digesting Sarlacc Pit.

We take a hop into the Toy Box Takeover adventure for Disney Infinity 3.0. This one is developed by Avalanche Software themselves and offers a variety of action and brawling gameplay for any of the Disney characters.

This includes more enemies than the previous Toy Box games as well as larger set pieces. They really do feel more like a fully featured game in their own right.

They also come with their own translucent playset-style hexagonal piece rather than disc this year. And they are sold separately.

As a bonus here is another video showing off some of the Disney Originals figures!

Remember to get your entries in to win a copy of Disney Infinity 3.0! You can enter each day in the month of May!



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    So awesome, I love everything I saw in the videos. The toy box takeover looks like so much fun, my family and I will have a blast playing that.

  • Isaac Pena

    Their are going to be a story for each race track, as said in FGTV
    Disney Infinity 3.0 – Toy Box Raceway. So Their must be unlockable
    mission giver hosts (eg. Wasp, and Oozma Kappa) to host the events. Here
    are some examples for each track:
    Agrabah Raceway – Maybe Sultan and/or Jasmine
    San Fransokyo Circuit – idk, maybe the other Big Hero 6 team members
    Arandelle Racing Rink – Queen Elsa and Olaf
    Gravity Falls Mystery Tour – Grunkle Stan and maybe Soos and Wendy as well
    Road to Knowhere – Cosmo the Space Dog (since he wasn’t available to unlock in 2.0)
    Monster Mayhem – Brock Pearson and Claire Wheeler (Greek council emcees to the Scare games in MU movie)
    Halloween Town Highway – Mayor of HalloweenTown
    Dunes of Tatooine – Jabba the Hut and probably other iconic Star wars char. from Tatooine
    Rush Raceway –Vannelope Von Schweetz and Sour Bill (or the return of
    King Kandy, as before the events of his demise in the movie)
    I know
    Elsa, Olaf, Jasmine, and Vannelope have been confirmed as playable
    characters, but Randall Boggs and Nick Fury played as mission givers,
    even if they were playable, in a playset. And these are only the main
    hosts. Maybe they will add antagonists like Oogie Boogie to get some
    screen time. I just hope they are unlockable, unlike the Brave and
    Stitch toy box games that showed cinematics without being able to unlock
    Pleakley or the Witch. And that counts for Cosmo and MODOK too. That
    was lame!

  • Grey Koepp

    You know what I noticed…
    All of the race tracks have or are going to have figures related to them.
    Agrabah – Aladin figure
    Arandelle – Elsa and Anna figures
    Tatooine – Star Wars figures
    Halloween Town – Jack Skeleton figure
    Monster Mayhem – Mike and Sully figrues
    Knowhere – Guardians of the Galaxy figures
    San Fransokyo – Baymax and Hiro
    Sugar Rush – Ralph and Vanelope

    These are the tracks and the official figures related to them.
    But there’s one odd man out.
    Gravity Falls Mystery Tour.
    No figures related to that, am I right?
    I might be going in the wrong direction but, I really hope this means Gravity Falls figures.