RUMOR: Potential First Look At Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures & Initial Lineup

This article has been taken down at the request of Disney Interactive.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Disney Infinity 3.0 as we get closed to announcement!


— Jason

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  • Angelina Milojevic

    YES THIS LINE UP IS SOO AWESOME but wouldn’t the star wars figures be released first

    • Chris

      The Star Wars figures are probably being much more heavily safe guarded because they will undoubtedly include characters from the new movie and most details regarding that are being kept very hush hush at this point. Once Disney releases a full length nonteaser trailer for the force awakens, you can bet we’ll see a di 3.0 trailer shortly after. This will probably happen sometime this summer so as to not interfere with potential sales of the vita di 2.0

  • Chris

    I’d guess these are real, or at least the prototype stages of being real. And the number of figures could easily be the full lineup of Disney originals; 11 in 3.0, there were 9 for 2.0, but 2014 didn’t have as big a Disney movie released as inside out will be so 2 extra figures for that franchise makes sense, and the rest all make sense for the reasons you suspect as well. Either way, asking as the main game is Star Wars, who cares about anything else? Star Wars ftw!! Btw, isn’t this game, website, and collecting these so relaxing after dealing amiibo nonsense?

  • Angelina Milojevic

    the fact that olaf has a different base to anna and elsa leads me to think that they are fake

    • Chris

      This is the best evidence on the site to argue that they’re fake. Good eye! However, the figures are being released 2 years apart and these figures are most likely early prototypes (especially for the packaging) if they’re real, so a different base isn’t totally strange.

  • legobatman3609

    I hope this is real. Absolutely love the figures.

  • Angelina Milojevic


  • Green Armadillo

    NOT the Infinity news I was expecting this weekend, I’d been assuming we’d get Star Wars stuff from the Celebration. I guess May (the) 4th is now the likely reveal?

    I don’t think it’s at all a stretch that the first figures are coming off the factory lines right now, because what else is that factory working on? Disney is having these things produced in mass quantities to make sure they’re on shelves. They are done releasing new figures for 2.0. They ate a PR hit for the digital (pre-)release of the Tron figures who they were planning back in November and implemented on the software side before the last Marvel figures came out for 2.0 (i.e. those two figures could have been released for 2.0). I’m not a Chinese factory owner, but it seems to me that it would make more sense to be pre-manufacturing stock for 3.0 (which could be only 5 months away) rather than sitting around doing nothing in March and then needing way more capacity in June/July to try and finish in time for the 3.0 launch.

    As to the line-up, I don’t think the fact that it makes sense is a strike against it. It is a very limited number of slots for “all other Disney”, but all three of those (Minne, Mulan, Olaf) are going to be hugely popular and there are only so many slots to go around if there is also a lot of Star Wars and a little Marvel.

    One interesting tidbit: I’m looking through my box of cardboard backings from single figures in 1.0/2.0 (I save these in a starter pack box) and they all have language to the effect of “play in toy box” or “play in playset(s) and toybox”. It would seem strange to have all the Inside Out guys and no playset. Then again, neither Mickey nor Mulan are likely to be in a playset, and perhaps they don’t want to create any confusion by having that word on their packaging. We don’t have this issue in 2.0 because all the Disney Originals are toybox only and all the Marvel figures work in at least one playset. The only example I have is 1.0 Sorcerer Mickey, who is toybox only, has the toybox icon, and is depicted with the expanded 1.0 lineup (including the guys who work in playsets). So perhaps this means nothing.

    • Chris

      It’s not strange at all to not have an inside out play set. Di 2.0 didn’t have any playsets for the Disney originals, so there is certainly precedent to do it again. And have you actually heard that there are going to be more marvel figures? I’d be shocked if it was more than just Star Wars, just like 2.0 was only marvel, and I know they said they wouldn’t do this but dang it i want an xmen playset!

  • Hopeless

    Interesting if true, only the emoticons seem an awful choice had wondered if they’d go for Daisy instead of Goofy so Minnie is fine.
    Why a 2nd Mickey though?
    If fake I still liked the packaging!
    Thanks for the article was wondering what they were talking about in the Disney infinity fans index this morning!

  • Caitlin

    I’m wondering who this ‘Joanchan’ is that it mentioned on the Mickey sticker.

    The tron figures are the exact artwork we’ve already seen.

    The mulan figure i think is possibly genuine it has the right style, the close up image suggest the figure is constructed correctly, but that packaging is totally off, the back is missing so much information and logos and that second image of mulan is terrible.

    the Inside Out characters are not stylised at all, Don’t forget these are supposed to be toys of the characters in the game and not the characters themselves. These look like striaght pvc toys.

    The same goes for Olaf, no stylising at all it seems.

    That just leaves the mickey and the minnie.

    Those are stylised in the same way as the genuine characters but there is something that I can’t quite put my finger on about them that is making me think they’re not right. They could be, but have a nagging doubt

    • Angelina Milojevic

      I actually think the inside out figures look genuine: the figures are all standing next to a transparent memory orb (which are in the movie) and would make sense to have them on the base so they can glow when put on the base (like merida’s wisp on her figure.

      When you look at mulan on the back of her box (where you can see her figure being placed on the base) she looks really weird, same goes to mickey.

      i think that olaf, mulan, mickey and minnie are fake but the Inside Out figures and tron figures look genuine

    • Chris

      What do you mean by “stylized”? Every figure is making a pose, they’re not just stiffly standing, and just like every other Disney infinity figure, they are stylized so that they look like they come from the same universe as each other instead of the vastly different universes they actually are from

  • Angelina Milojevic

    Thing Wrong With The Mulan Figure

    1. the front of the packaging does not specify the playset/toybox the figure is compatible with
    2.the front of the packaging (at the bottom) only has the disney logo not the disney originals logo

    3.right side of package recommend 6+ but the warning on thee right recommends 3+
    4. You can’t see her fan in the glam shot when the fan is obviously at eye level
    5.I don’t think disney would be sneaking out shipments just yet