Disney Infinity Weekly Sales Round-Up (3/22-3/28)


It’s one of our favorite times as Disney Infinity fans… release week! This week we see the release of three items. First up is obviously the two final Disney Infinity figures (excluding the Black Symbiote Spider-man bundled with the Vita edition in May). Falcon and Loki are officially released on Tuesday! Also on Tuesday we are expecting the release of the two final power discs that will be released exclusively here in the United States.



So what kind of sales can we expect? We’ll go in Alphabetical order.


Amazon is price matching what essentially all retailers are doing, and marking the Loki and Falcon figures down to $9.99

Best Buy

Best Buy has marked all figures to a sale price for $9.99. If you have Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked (which has recently been marked down to $30 permanently), that will allow you to purchase the figures for only $7.99! Falcon and Loki for $7.99 a piece? Can’t ask for a much better deal!

In addition, if you are looking to get into the game, $24.99 for the Disney Originals starter packs is a wonderful deal.



  • Disney Infinity 2.0 Collector’s Edition for $89.99
  • Disney Infinity 1.0 figures for $7.99
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 figures for $12.99
  • Disney Infinity Play Sets for $19.99
  • Disney Infinity Power Disc Packs for $2.99 (excludes the new rare power disc pack)

GameStop doesn’t have any specific Disney Infinity sales until the major event this weekend, but it is important to mention they seem to be the only retailer at the moment offering the final two Disney Infinity power discs. So you may want to put your pre-order’s in just to be safe.


Target is offering a Buy 2 Get 1 free sale on all figures, which includes Loki and Falcon.

Toys ‘R’ Us

If you purchase three figures at Toys ‘R’ Us you can get the figures on sale for $10 a piece. Buy if you like purchasing from Toys ‘R’ Us, I’d just price match from another retailer to get the $10 price without having to purchase three figures.


No major sales.


As always all retailers… Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Walmart will have various random mark downs on 1.0 and select 2.0 merchandise that is not worth mentioning. So be sure to hit up those links to be taken to their dedicated Disney Infinity page and check out their prices if there is something you are looking for!


Pretty good Disney Infinity sales week! Hope you find something you want to pick up, let me know what grabs you get!


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