Symbiote Spider-Man Coming To Vita Starter Pack! + My Thoughts


The speculation has come to an end. The Playstation Vita will be getting it’s own Disney Infinity Starter Pack. The vita version will be releasing in May, with an exclusive figure… Black Suit Spider-Man (AKA: Symbiote Spiderman).

The new pack will include…

  • Disney Infinity 2.0 Software
  • A new bluetooth base that will be compatible with the Vita and Playstation TV
  • Black Suit Spider Man + Card (Only available in this playset)
  • Amazing Spider-Man Play Set Piece
  • 2x Toy Box Game Discs


No word on price yet, but if I were to guess, I’d say around $49.99

So here are my thoughts….

First off, yes it’s not as “fun” as a brand new figure or a brand new costume figure, I get that. But keep with me.

As a preface, remember the quote. It was always going to be a ‘repaint’. So for those who were hoping for new poses, new figures, or anything that would require modification to a figure mold… that was never going to happen.

First off, the Playstation Vita Starter Pack needed “something”. If it’s coming out in May (8 months later! — plus we’ll probably know what 3.0 is by then), the starter pack needed something special. If it was just a release with Iron Man… what would be the point? Disney Infinity is probably investing a lot of money into this release (and maybe Sony themselves pushed for this release), so they want to sell it well.

So obviously what would sell the pack best? A figure. An exclusive figure.

So Disney Infinity was left with a few options…. 1.) Make it a new figure/costume that you could only get with this pack. 2.) Make it a variant, that is cool for owners/collectors, but isn’t needed for everyone.

And they chose option 2, and I agree fully!

I’ve already heard a lot of you who were upset about it. And that’s fine… ONLY if you were going to be okay with the other option. A brand new figure/repaint (without the use of power discs) that was exclusive to the starter pack. What if they released a classic Maleficent figure, that you could only obtain through the Starter Pack. A lot of you would scream “WHY WOULD DISNEY DO THIS?! I DON’T OWN A VITA!”.

So really, what would you want?

If you really like Black Suit Spider-man, you can “Get” him in the game with the power discs. Again, as Disney as always preached… it’s giving you options!


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