Big Hero 6 Power Discs Coming to Disney Infinity? Not So Fast…


Last night two images popped up on Instagram that shows two Big Hero 6 power discs. Could this mean we have even more power discs to come? Not so fast…

Instagram user ‘bh6.davidhiro’ posted the two photos above stating that they showed up in his ‘collection’ window in Disney Infinity 2.0 on Xbox 360. I personally tried, and had some others as well, to see if they could have them appear and were unsuccessful. This makes it seem more like a glitch as compared to what we saw with the Tron figures with the accidental update.

Now, keen Disney Infinity players may recognize the two names of these power discs as two items currently available in the Toy Box Store that you can purchase with your sparks.

Credit to 'MightyGitis' On
Credit to ‘MightyGitis’ On

Now I can confirm that the data of the power discs is legitimate.  So the images aren’t fake, and the data is there.

But everything points to these discs being scrapped at some point in the development cycle and instead they decided to go the route of putting it in the toy store.

Is this 100% confirmed? Absolutely not. But I wanted to get this out there early before the pictures start taking off as saying they are “100% confirmed coming to Disney Infinity!” because they are far from that.

If you want to discuss the possibility of these discs, make sure you head over to topic for this development and join in the discussions!!!


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