One Week Until The Disney Originals Launch In Disney Infinity


That’s right. It’s one week until the wave of Disney Originals arrives, have you pre-ordered?

Don’t forget to get your Disney Infinity pre-orders in at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, or Walmart!

What are you planning on picking up? You going for another starter pack? Or are you going at it piece by piece?

Let us not forget what all is coming out that day. Disney Originals figures/starter pack, Disney Original Power Discs, the digital upgrade option, and of course the Thor and Avengers Playsets!

A lot coming that day!

If you haven’t purchased yet, and are planning on purchasing it online, please feel free to purchase via the links above. Each purchase from those links helps support this site and keeps it going!

I’ll be picking up the second starter pack, though using this option to get it for the Wii U! More than likely will pick up the rest of the figures, though maybe I’ll try and resist myself and wait for some black friday sales.

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