REMINDER: Disney Infinity 2.0 Comes Out For PC Tomorrow (October 2nd!)



Just a heads up to get your web codes entered. Starting tomorrow (not sure what time, I’d imagine somewhere around noon EST or so), Disney Infinity will release the highly anticipated PC version of Disney Infinity 2.0.

Is anyone else excited? I know I am!

Here are some ‘tutorials’ put out by Disney regarding the PC release of Disney Infinity



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  • So we get Iron Man and the Avengers set for free, along with weekly rotations? VERY nice. Honestly, I’m pondering sticking with the PC version rather than getting the digital download for my PS4. I prefer the mouse/keyboard controls. But… I can’t use my power discs with it. Wish we could just plug our base into our PC…

  • JasonAvis

    The PC version seems to be a more complete version than what it was for 1.0. Finally get multiplayer and a full virtual base. I think with 1.0 they didn’t think that many people would play only on PC and made it just more of a way to access your toy boxes from other places.

  • Daolio

    I wish I could sync between the platforms the power discs and the toys that I earned on the PS3 version, it would be awesome to get the Glow in the Dark Buzz to the Hall of Heroes on the PS3 version. Also, that way I could complete the character roster on the 3DS version as well.

  • Caitlin

    Where is the download?
    On the website All I’m seeing is a coming soon message

  • TT

    It is up now, downloading as we speak.