First look at the Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Hall of Heroes … last four figures confirmed?


We have our first look at the Disney Infinity Hall of Heroes for the 2.0 Edition.

Obviously all the figures are in the Hall of Heroes so we may have gotten our look at the last four figures coming to Disney Infinity.

First off the Marvel…

3ySStjbAs you can see there are all 21 Marvel figures… we know 19. The final 2? Falcon and Yondu.


Yes I know what you’re thinking… Yondu is a team up disc!

I’m not sure what to think about it either. But they are in the Hall of Heroes. So who knows.

Alright what about Disney?


But wait those are only showing the characters they have announced already.

Ninjaharley says there are two pedestals (didn’t post a picture) that he was unable to click on. So we still don’t know what the two Disney figures are yet.

Is there a day 1 patch? Are they somehow locked until you place the figures down? Who knows!

Source: Ninjaharley on Reddit.


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