One Toy’s ‘R’ Us Already Put Disney Infinity 2.0 Out On Store Shelves

10598337_1480013175586562_387031901_nYesterday, I showed you that Toys “R” Us stores were getting copies of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) already. Obviously the game isn’t set to release until September 23rd, but it seemed odd getting it that early.

Well one problem with getting it that early is the chance of it being put on store shelves early. And it appears that has happened in at least one Toys “R” Us location.

This photo comes from ‘lostnearinfinity’ on Instagram who said he spotted it at their local store, but did not purchase it (as they needed the Xbox 360 version).

REMEMBER: Even if your local store has it in stock on shelves, 99% of retailers have their cash registers to alert the Cashier that the item is not for sale yet. So even if you spot one at your local store, the chance of you being able to purchase it are pretty slim.

Disney Infinity 2.0 at TRU #disneyinfinity #marvelsuperheroes #ironman #thor #blackwidow #disneyinfinity2.0

In other news, along with the games Toys “R” Us also is getting in their marketing materials. Up goes the awesome always awesome Toys ‘R’ Us archways!

This thing was a pain to put together but it looks nice! #DisneyInfinity #Marvel

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