First Look: Hiro and Baymax Disney Infinity Figures




Finally, we get a chance to see the Baymax and Hiro figures!

We knew they were coming, we even saw a life-size version of Baymax, but have yet to see a version of Hiro.

No release date yet. With the movie releasing on November 7th, it’d make perfect sense to launch them right along side with the other Disney Originals on November 4th (as they are also seen on the intro video, as well as on the box art).

Special thanks to Chris H. from our Facebook page for the tip!!!!

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  • Niktendo

    They look amazing. A definite buy.

    However I’m disappointed to see that Toy Box Only logo. There’s been a rumour recently that there are going to be more playsets due to what one of the official people said on the Twitch chat on Saturday and I had a theory that the reason they hadn’t officially announced Hiro & Baymax were because there was going to be a Big Hero 6 playset.

    • Peyton

      Do you have the link to the rumor?

    • Mathew Gibbons

      I expect we’ll get more playsets but for more Marvel characters. It’s been stated Marvel characters won’t be toybox only (Big Hero 6 counting as Disney Originals due to being based on their new film).

  • Chris

    You’re super welcome! So happy I discovered this site. Keep on delivering the news guys, I love it!

  • Cellsai

    I wonder was there much back and forth over whether these guys would be Marvel or Original figures. I mean the movie is very clearly a Disney movie, but the characters are very much Marvel properties. They’re an interesting grey area!