All 80 Disney Infinity 2.0 Power Discs Unveiled


If you are like me, you have been anxiously waiting to see all the Disney Infinity 2.0 Power Discs. Well good news! Now you can, as all 80 Power Discs from both series have been found!

Remember that there are two series for Disney Infinity 2.0. Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Originals. Both series include 40 power discs.

If you want to see all 80 Power Discs, head to our dedicated ‘Disney Infinity 2.0 Power Discs’ page (or use the link at the top of our site!)

In addition, here is a quick YouTube video I put together as a slideshow to show them all.

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  • Niktendo

    I notice they don’t have the figures on the front of the Disney packaging. Hinty hint at more announcements 🙂
    If you include Hiro & Baymax (which are, let’s face it, confirmed) and John’s favourite female character, that would be 10 disney figures along with 19 marvel figures making it equal to the first game. Should we expect them to stop there?

    • RevolutionJ12

      Yeah I’m curious about that too.. I think once they officially announce Baymax and Hiro that will be who is on the cover as that will be all the wave 1 Disney figures. We’ll get more in wave two+

    • Blake Eb

      I’m pretty sure there will be more characters than the first game!
      We know that there are 3 waves coming.
      Wave 1 (Launch) is the 16 playset Marvel heroes,
      Wave 2 (November) is Playset Villians and the toy box characters leaked by Toy R Us/Argos (Merida, Malefiecent, Stitch, Tinkerbell, Aladdin, Donald Duck, Hiro and Baymax)
      Wave 3 (2015) the only character announced so far is Jasmine… so it only makes sense that they’ll be more than one character.

      • Cold

        Apprentice Sorcerers Mickey wasnt released until 2014, and he’s in Wave 2. Jasmine isn’t in ‘Wave 3.’

        • Blake Eb

          She’s not coming this year she’s been confirmed for 2015 AKA wave 3