Amazon adds free figure to Collector’s Edition, Walmart ups their pre-order deal with exclusives

Amazon Pre-order figureGreat news for some gamers out there, Amazon went from not carrying the Playstation Collector’s Edition to now give you a bonus offer! Amazon joins GameStop as the other two U.S. retailers that add the free figure deal to your pre-order of the collector’s edition.

To get in on the deal, just head over to the pre-order bonus page


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.53.20 AMIn addition Walmart is upping their pre-order deals by including some exclusive Walmart bonuses including a $4.99 VUDU Movie Credit, Digital Magazine, and a Digital Starter Strategy Guide. These extra bonuses do not come with the collector’s edition pre-order.

No specific details on what the digital magazine or starter strategy guide will be like at this time.

Head over to the Walmart pre-order pages for more information.


Remember, we have an on-going list of all the places you can pre-order the Disney Infinity Collector’s Edition.


Also don’t forget, we just started week #2 in our 8 weeks of Disney Infinity giveaways… Wreck-It-Ralph figure, power discs, and movie all being given away! Enter now!


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