“Disney Infinity: Toy Box Bundle Pack” Coming Soon?

Disney Infinity Toy Box PackWell it looks like a “Disney Infinity: Toy Box Bundle Pack” for Disney Infinity 2.0 is coming… but what is it?

The above screenshot is from the ESRB’s website (the Entertainment Software Rating Board — the people who bring us all those E, T, MA ratings on video games) listed a E-10 rating for something called the Disney Infinity: Toy Box Bundle Pack. Could this finally be the Disney Infinity pack for you out there who are looking to go without the Marvel characters?

Remember we first saw the Disney Original’s Starter Pack at Walmart. Then we saw the Disney Legend’s Starter Pack at the UK retailer, Argos… and now this. The Disney Infinity: Toy Box Bundle Pack.

Could they all be the same thing? Or are they separate items?

The name obviously implies you are going to be getting something just for the Toy Box. So maybe it’s a bundle featuring the Disney Infinity 2.0 software and some original Disney characters like Stitch, Tinkerbell and maybe Donald Duck?

We’ll find out soon enough… no better time to announce a Disney Infinity: Toy Box Bundle Pack than at the Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit in a couple of days, August 15-17.

But I’d throw a LOT of weight behind this item. The ESRB site is infamous for leaking things, so look for more information on this soon.

Listings: PC/Wii U/Xbox 360/Playstation 3

Listings: Xbox One/Playstation 4

(Looks like this was originally spotted/reported by GoNintendo)