8 Weeks of Disney Infinity Giveaways! #1: Phineas & Agent P Figures + 5 Power Discs!

20140728_231126We are excited to announce a new promotion for the website as we countdown to the release of Disney Infinity 2.0… 8 weeks of giveaways!

As some of you may know, this site is run solely by myself. I feel extremely lucky to have all of you come visit the site, thus I want to give back to all of you! So I’m going through my collection, finding some extra items, and some brand new items I’m purchasing just for this sweepstakes. So get exited! But we have to start small, but it’ll pick up!

First up, I’m giving away BOTH the Phineas & Agent P figures, in addition to your choice of 5 power discs from my collection. Hopefully that will help you complete your collection before the new game completes!


This is just week one in our 8 week long giveaways. Each giveaway will begin on Tuesday at 12AM ET, and will end the following Sunday night at midnight ET.

We’ll be offering various products from the first Disney Infinity for the first couple of weeks, but the final few weeks… well… If you’re excited for the new Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition), you’ll enjoy the prizes at the end!

How do you enter? Easy! Just use the box below to enter in one or all four different ways of entering.   (Special hint: the tweet option is valid every day!)
I’ll get in contact with the as soon as I possibly can… best of luck!
NOTE: This promotion is being run by Rafflecopter, if you haven’t entered a Rafflecopter sweepstakes before… it’s really really easy! You do have to login/register with them, but it is worth it. It’s easy for you, easy for me, easy for everyone! I’ve entered many sweepstakes with them before, and am excited to finally use it for one of my own!
NOTE #2: Couple of important notes.
  • Unfortunately, yes at this time this is valid for those who have U.S. Mailing Addresses. I’m hoping to have some international giveaways towards the end, but I’m still working out all the details for that!
  • Entries do not carry over to the next week
  • Winning one week does NOT make you ineligible for future contests.

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