Disney Infinity 2.0: So what all is going to be compatible?

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UPDATE (August 5th): A new, improved, and dedicated Disney Infinity Compatibility Guide has been added to the site! Head over to the page to check it out! It’s worth a look!


So everyone is excited about the Disney Infinity 2.0 release, but what does that mean about our current Disney Infinity merchandise? Well let’s go through one-by-one to see what we know so far.


Obviously Disney Infinity is about the figures. All figures will be compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0.

In addition, it appears that all figures from Disney Infinity 1 will incorporate the stat trees in some form.

[Avalanche Software Vice President and General Manager John Blackburn] explained that there will be new reasons to pick up old characters again—they get access to the skill and stat trees new to Disney Infinity 2.0, albeit in truncated form. (via Kotaku)

Though it is also important to note that the Disney Infinity 2.0 characters are not going to be backwards compatible:


Power Discs

Again, all Power Discs will be forward compatible so there are no fears on losing your power disc collections.

Toy Boxes

Disney said this was a hard one, but they said that all Disney Infinity toy boxes will be able to be imported into the new game!

Play Sets

UPDATE: Disney has officially confirmed… Playsets from Disney Infinity 1.0 are NOT going to be forward compatible to Disney Infinity 2.0

This is where it gets tricky. Disney has officially announced that all Figures, Power Discs, and Toy Boxes will carry over. But they never quite addressed the Play Setes. Even John Blackburn said during the press conference, “Everything from 1 is compatible with 2 right down to the base. So everything is compatible.” So that would seem that settles it right? But again it would be nice to hear flat out that the Play Sets. So what has Disney said publicly after the announcement?

So that’s not as reassuring as just saying yes.

Editorial Take: Due to the fact that the content for the Play Sets is stored on the game disc itself, its a bit harder to bring them to the new game. The easiest way would just to include the data on the new disc, but obviously that be taking up a lot of resources from the new game. I could see them perhaps doing what Rock Band did in the past and letting you re-purchase the play sets with a small $1-$3 fee to download them from the servers.

Disney Infinity Base

Do you need to purchase a new base for Disney Infinity 2.0? Depending on your platform, you may not have to!

The official response is that you can play Disney Infinity 2.0 using your old Disney Infinity 1.0 base if you are playing on the same platform. Remember though that not all bases are compatible with all systems.

Essentially it is this simple. The Xbox systems require the Xbox version base. Everything else can be interchangeable.

So the Nintendo Wii/Wii U/Playstation3/Playstation 4 version bases are all interchangeable.

The Xbox 360 is interchangeable with the new Xbox 360 system.

So the next questions is how are you going to get the game if you already have the base? No details yet but there appears to be two different options coming.

One is a Toy Box only mode. So if you enjoy the Toy Box and don’t really need anything else you’ll be able to buy just that.

If you want the full game but don’t want to purchase the Starter Pack, it looks like Disney may be making a solution


So there you have it! Hopefully that answers everyones questions regarding the compatibility of the games and hardware.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes is coming this September to Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Nintendi Wii U, PC, and iOS

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  • Ed McGinn

    If I already have the base, can I just buy the characters? I have the Xbox 360.

    • jasongrier

      They haven’t not announced either way yet… Obviously they will be available at places like ebay, but it’s hard to say whether it will be available at retail.

      • Vinezio

        Actually, Disney has confirmed that 2.0 characters, power discs, and such are NOT backwards compatible. So you will need to get the 2.0 base to play with the characters.

        • wizards8507

          That’s incorrect. The BASE is backwards and forwards compatible. It’s the DISC that is not.

  • Chris Rosenquist

    If i have Infinity 1.0 for PS3 and decide to get a PS4 for Infinity 2.0, will my 1.0 characters work on the new PS4 base?

    • Vinezio

      Yes, they’ve confirmed all 1.0 characters and power discs ARE forwards compatible, much like Skylanders.

  • matthew

    @ChrisRosenquist the disney infinity characters will work on any base thats why when you buy a character they dont have a certain system on the packaging.

  • Chris Collins

    “The Xbox 360 is interchangeable with the new Xbox 360 system.”- Did you mean that if you have the base for the Xbox 360, then it is compatible with the Xbox ONE? I have the Infinity 1.0 and would like to get 2.0 on my Xbox One, but I don’t want to buy a new base to do so.

    • Vinezio

      That all depends, do you intend to play with 2.0 characters? If you answer yes, then you will need to get a new base. The Marvel set is the first wave of 2.0, and the 1.0 base will NOT support 2.0 characters.

      • wizards8507

        That’s incorrect. The BASE is backwards and forwards compatible. It’s the DISC that is not. See tweets from Disney.

        • Alima Saffell

          So if I buy the Spiderman 2.0 playset, it’ll work on my base from 1.0? But if I want to play Avengers, I need the new started pack with disc if they don’t offer it separately?

          • Charizard

            All 2.0 accessories (characters, playsets, and power discs) will work with the base from 1.0 (unless you upgraded to an xbox one the xbox one has special usb ports) but you will still need to buy the game, It has been confirmed that if you have an old base you will be able to download a digital version game (price is unknown for digital version) and use old base on wii u ps3 and xbox 360, disney has also said that this digital version will not launch with the first wave, we will have to wait til november at which time they will release the digital version along with an avengers playset (black widow and Iron man, Thor will be sold as a single character) and it also rumored (backed up by Walmart leaks) that along with this they will release “disney infinity 2.0 originals starter pack” which will have 3 characters the game and a base and all of this will be released in november.

  • Taiyouinc

    Does anyone know if the game is region locked? And whether characters and such from one region can be used in a game from a different region (I’m not living in my home country at the moment). In other words; is this game import friendly?

    • Matthew Haycock

      I don’t know about the game itself (That will depend on the console more than anything)
      But the figures themselves shouldn’t have any issues like that to worry about.

  • Bundy

    So the play sets aren’t moving forward. That pretty much puts the screws to Xbox One and PS4 players. I guess I’m out. My kids never played the toyboxes, it was all about the play sets for them.

    • Matthew Haycock

      Agreed, seems a shame that the PS4 and X1 will miss out on that stuff, hopefully they do what the editor suggests and release the old play-sets and downloadable titles for a small fee.

  • heather

    Can you play the Playstation 3 disney Infinity as a regular game system

  • HunterPlanetGamer

    are you able to us disney originals characters in to disney marvel

  • amy

    my son bought this the characters work but the clear world that came in the pack will not work. why?

  • sam

    We have just bought toy box infinity marvel starter set for the playstation 3 and our question is can we buy any characters using the same port hole and disc ????

  • rob

    so it is only the 1.0 world discs that will not work on 2.0 correct?

  • Bobby cooper

    Can you play with the 2.0 base on the 1.0 version