Disney Infinity Power Disc Pack Series 3 Available April 1st

Disney Infinity Power Discs 3

We finally got the release date today for the Series 3 Power Disc Packs! The final set of power discs for Disney Infinity “1” will be released on April 1st. Phineas & Ferb Toy Box Set will be released on the same day.

Stitch Kingdom is reporting that this series will include only 15 discs compared to the normal 20 as Toys ‘R’ Us will retain 5 exclusive discs from their Gold Disc Packs.

The third series will consist of just fifteen discs rather than the usual twenty as five of the 10 discs sold by Toys ‘R’ Us will in fact remain exclusive to them. The discs are expected to include: Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat, Violet’s Force Field, Rapunzel’s Healing, Chernabog’s Power, Wall-E’s Fire Extinguisher, Toy Story Mania Blaster, Dragon Firework Cannon, Tantor, Phillipe, Angus, Dr. Calico’s Helicopter, Cruella De Vil’s Car, Wall-E’s Collection, Buy n Large Atmosphere and Disney Parks Parking Lot Tram.

The Power Disc Pack is available for pre-order on Disney Store’s website.