Ralph and Vanellope Available for Pre-Order (And new store exclusives?)

Vanellope Box


The two figures being released from the Wreck-It-Ralph movie, Ralph and Vanellope, are available for pre-order from Target and Best Buy.

First is Vanellope which is available from Target for $12.99 with a release date of November 24th.

Vanellope Figure

Something to note about Vanellope is that Target is listing it as a Target Exclusive with no other details provided. Is it just another timed exclusive or something more? Remember Vanellope will be released in three different ways: single pack, Wreck-It-Ralph toy box pack, and the Disney Infinity Girls Pack. So perhaps Target may be the exclusive retailer of the single figure version?

Next is the Ralph figure which is available for pre-order from Best Buy with a release date of November 22nd for $13.99.

Ralph Box

Ralph Figure

There does not seem to be any reason to believe this will be a Best Buy exclusive, but for now it is the only place you can pre-order it.